Fighting Childhood Hunger!

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Pint-size Activists launch the SOUPer Bowl!

Inspired by Maddi

Lucia and Luna read the book Maddi’s Fridge, a true story about a young girl whose classmate didn’t have enough food at home. They were sad to learn that kids can experience hunger, but they were also inspired to do something about it. So, they launched the SOUPer Bowl campaign to bring awareness to this issue.

First, they researched the issue. They learned about who suffers from childhood hunger and why it happens. Then they learned what the effects are on the minds and bodies of children. After that, they put together their own workshop to teach others. They invited Dreamcatchers and other friends of IAPW to join them on Zoom!

Compelling kids to act!

Once they knew about childhood hunger, they were ready to do something about it! So, Lucia and Luna taught these pint-size activists how to start food drive in their community.

From Emma and Nadia in Toronto, Nicholas in Nashville, to Violet in Los Angeles, we soon had a whole team of changemakers ready to make a difference! And they did!They set up food drives at their schools, with their sports teams, and in their neighborhoods, and collected food for families in need.

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Teens helped too!

Even our friends at Teens 4 Teens jumped in to help! They taught a group of younger kids about childhood hunger using the tools that Lucia and Luna put together. Then they launched their own food drive!

Together these young changemakers donated more than 500 pounds of food to help children and families in need!
We want to say a big THANK YOU to our friends at Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation & Youth Service America for supporting this important project!
To learn more about awesome projects like this, check out our Dreamcatchers program!